Vampires, castle and a leg of lamb for two

Yesterday we travelled north and into the wine country to Castrojeriz a tiny village. The campsite was in the shadow of a castle of the same name and was a beautiful view from my sun lounger. At night the bats came down from the castle and if you have enough imagination (as I do) you could see them land and turn into vampires.

The campsite is family ran and the husband cooked a traditional leg of lamb in garlic for two! Yes it was huge and delicious. John had room for pudding, I didn’t but managed 2 very large gins (John had some dark rum).

Today we crossed over into France and the weather is much nicer than when we left there 20 days ago. In the late 20s.

Arrived at the campsite in Labenne on the coast, but didn’t stay there was lots of transit vans and large caravans! So we went half a kilometre to another much more pleasant site although we are next to the pool and they have very loud doof doof music. Back to no toilet seat land.

Moving further north tomorrow nearer to the ferry.

Days 23 and 24

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