Another Sunday and France closed again!

Long haul up to Poitiers apparently France has had lots of rain since we landed here almost a month ago. None the last few days thought it’s still 27 degrees as we sit under a viaduct which is a the end of the campsite with a river snaking past.

So! It’s poached eggs on toast for tea since everything is closed as it’s Sunday. I will finish my gin first.

Did I tell you that we brought bikes with us so we could cycle through the little village’s and stop at bars? I could see myself with my straw hat, a baguette under my arm looking like Catherine Ross in the sun dance kid. Aye well that went well, I’m too scared I fall off so John said they are not coming again! Do you want a bike Stephanie?

It was Olivia our granddaughters 6th birthday yesterday so we face timed her and she had a wonderful birthday.

Our month is heading to an end well nearly! We were discussing our next adventure today, still gave lots of rum/gin to sample around Europe.

Day 25

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