Temperature drop and a grumpy bus driver

Arrived in Salamanca yesterday campsite a bit of a let down from last one have to share the shower block. 25 degrees when we arrived and we went to catch the bus into the city. The campsite is part of a hotel complex and we can use the pool, bar etc and the bus picks you up in the car park. No bus sign anywhere so we stood and waited and along came the bus and went straight passed us with our hands out. We ran after it waving and eventually he stopped, rattling off something in Spanish refused to take the money from my hand I had to put in on a tray.

Salamanca is another beautiful city with fabulous gothic buildings. Tons of photos and much walking later we headed back. Same grumpy bus driver. When we arrived at the hotel he made a point of letting us know the BUS sign was on the ground. Oh! Well what do you expect we are stupid tourists.

At least The wifi is good and we could watch Netflix.

This morning it’s bloody freezing! Ok it’s cold enough that I have a cardigan on. I’m assured the temperature will be up by 10am. Just getting used to the cold again.

We are now making our way up to France.

My friend Carol gets married in Scotland today so sending her lots of love and wishing her and Mel a wonderful future together.

Day 23

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