Culture, Steak and lots of rain

Traveled into Spain and set up camp at Bilbao on top of the city with spectacular views both day and night. Wandered 6 miles round trip (not counting the taxi ride back to the hippy bus) to the Guggenheim museum. It was a Toulouse-Lautrec and contemporaries exhibited from the most important French vanguards of the late 19th century. Yip I lifted that from the leaflet.

A lovely steak at Baden Baden restaurante with a couple of Spanish gin/rums excellent!

During the night the heavens opened and we had fun watching our neighbours tip the rain off their awning and chairs (little makes us happy)

Today we are in Valladolid and it’s extremely hot. Two Spanish cats have decided to join us one jet black one white.

A few gin/rums are in order from the local bar.

Days 7 and 8

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