Tantrum’s and balloons

The forth road new bridge opened and we were going over it on the first day! The approach was slow, very slow they had dropped the speed limit so people could safely look at the bridge. And a lovely bridge it us too.

The irritating woman that we took with us and we can’t stand kept shouting at us to make a u turn. And when we got on the bridge she had a complete meltdown, squawking and her arrow went nuts! Think she thought it was a suicide pact when she thought we were at the bottom of the Firth of Forth. New road, new bridge but the satnav hadn’t up dated.

We did the “since you are passing ” drop off of number 2 sons film gear, 2 hour detour. Love you Mog x

1st camp site Foxfield touring park Penrith was lovely, tranquil and spotless.! We sat with our fancy chairs, table, gin/rum respectively and watched the hot air ballon

Day 1/30

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