Alpaca’s and a hangover

Last night we were booked into a campsite where the Alpaca’s wander about looking in the window. However after taking our money they told us we couldn’t stay because we had a hippy van! So we headed for a campsite that would take us, I was looking forward to the Alpaca’s.

The M1 was a car park, how easily we forget after all these years in Scotland, so we gave up and went to another campsite in a beautiful location, they gave us dinner, gin and breakfast! How welcoming was that? Thank you Andrew and Charlotte we had a blast as usual, lovely catch up and yes I have a hangover.

This morning we traveled to Newhaven to catch the ferry. We walked round the town centre and I swear there was no more than 5 people! Desolate, bleak and sad place. 

As I write this we are on the ferry traveling towards France see you all in 27 days

Day 3

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