Thunder and plastic

Last night there was a horrendous thunderstorm over Venice, crashing and flashing quite scary when you are in a tin box!

Then today it was sooooooo hot 🥵! Especially walking 6 miles round Venice. And yes we had an ice cream 🍦it would be rude not to.

Everywhere they say Venice is eco friendly, but buy a drink and you get a plastic straw!

We are parked so near the water that we can see inside the huge boats going past.

Doesn’t spoil the taste of my gin though

I gave John his birthday card and and sang happy birthday 🥳 over 40 years and I still got the wrong date!! 11/9 not 9/11!!!!!! One year I will get it right.

Day 12 and setting off on our adventure before dementia again tomorrow.

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