Mystery bus trip

We caught the bus to St Malo and spent a few hours walking the ramparts and drinking coffee in the sun. (21 degrees). We were armed with a French bus timetable with the colour of route and bus number. Now it wouldn’t be a holiday if something didn’t go quite as planned what could go wrong? The return bus found and off we went……….and went……and went in the wrong direction! So a nice trip round the city and back to the bus station. Showing the bus driver the French bus timetable with the stop marked got a shrug. We stayed on the bus and well would you believe it then took off in the right direction to our destination. So the French bus driver didn’t understand French or the timetable on his route. 🤔. It has been over 20 years since we have been here and we enjoyed our day bus tour included 🤣😎. Moving on tomorrow. No photos today they are on my camera not phone,

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