And home

3800 miles through Scotland, England, Holland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Bavaria (they say they are not Germany lol), Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Round mountains, through the alps in tunnels and over them. Castles, forts, Mozart, Ariel cars and lakes. Snorkelling in the Adriatic Sea, eating different food, drinking gin and locals drinks.

Laughing, looking in awe, sitting in the sun and listening to thunder. Being woken by a bold duck knocking on the door for his breakfast and visits from swans. Boats so close they would wave to us. Rubbish roads and roadworks.

A few more ticks on the bucket list and meeting new people. New MoHo had lots of beautiful views.

Chitty chitty fairytale castle and Belgium chocolate.

And we loved every minute but for the record Brugge was our favourite.

Thanks for joining us we enjoyed your comments. Next years plans have already begun.

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