2 countries and mountains

Only 91 miles took us from Italy 🇮🇹 through Slovenia 🇸🇮 to Croatia 🇭🇷. Orsera Camping Resort In Vrsar where the Adriatic is foot steps away from the MoHo. Some roads through the mountains would have made Clarkson happy 😃 and they were narrow in places.

Ran out of gin so had to walk 1/2 a mile to a supermarket to by some shopping and the much required gin. Less than £13 for all essentials!

It’s Johns birthday 🎂 happy birthday 🥳 to you yes I got it right this time. Lovely voice message from Olivia and Stephanie first thing for him.

Lots of little lizards 🦎 running about.

Tomorrow we are going to swim in the Adriatic, must be done ✅ also it’s 🥵

Day 14 and 2 weeks to go yet.

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