Another pair of shoes

Yesterday we packed the MoHo ready for a fast take off when the pager gets dropped in a bucket of water. Everything weighed as it went in even the freezer food which will be loaded on Thursday morning and a couple of extra pairs of shoes slipped in with the tonic for my gin, prioritise is the word of the day. I will be on a diet between now and then due to only 1kg to spare! But worth it for shoes. We now appear to be in limbo waiting to go, I’ve checked and rechecked I have the passports in my travel bag due to having a recurring dream that I’m about to get on a plane and I’ve left them at home. Considering we are getting a ferry the dream is a bit worrying. MoHo across Europe playlist downloaded from amazon 500 cool beats for John to drive and sing along to. Now who is coming with us? Will it be Darby and Joan or spike the vampire or Gandalf the wizard gnomes. The fund raising may be finished, but the gnomes are still travelling on. 5 days and 14 hours to go.

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