A tiny bruise and name that tune

We have been at Caceres Spain for 2 days in a campsite that each pitch has its own toilet and wet room, very quaint.

We took the bus into the city and prowled the old town today. Fort, castle, churches and plazas when we get home and look at the photos we won’t have a clue which place is which.

In the bus a Belgium couple said your the Ines that play the great music! John had his iPod on playing guess that tune yesterday it appears if you say The Kinks or one of the brothers from The Kinks you’d be right!

This site has a massive pool its a bit off putting when you are eating in the restaurant which over looks it as the men here do like their budgie smugglers (sometimes they are so fat you wonder if they are naked!)

Somewhere different tomorrow and the dent on my head still hurts if you are worrying about me, bit upset that concussion only left a tiny bruise.

Days 21 and 22

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