A cricket and fish fingers

Our dash cam is looking a bit worse for wear! It’s melted!!! Still working after I changed the memory card think it must have fried.

Last night I was sure there was a cricket in the hippy van, couldn’t find the wee blitter but it sure made a lot of noise.

Today we strolled into Olhao at lunchtime and watched the people and the boats. It was spoiled a bit when I looked over the shore wall and a dirty big rat was looking back at me! Yip I’m a girly and gave a wee scream and jumped back pronto!

Tonight we went to the restaurant on site for dinner and the chefs special was fish fingers, back to the hippy van and made scrambled eggs on toast. Never had fish fingers since my kids were wee and not about to now.

On the move again tomorrow

Day 20

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