Flying planks and a BBQ

A short drive into Portugal to the Algarve this morning. Toddling along to Lidi for supplies when the truck in front started to loose his load i.e planks of wood flying towards us, but never fear the hippy bus remains intact with a lot of help from Johns driving.

I have no idea what the temperature is, but it’s hotter than ever.

Campsite has everything, but difficulty finding a flat spot to ensure the fridge and freezer worked. Managed eventually and have ice for our gin/rum so all is well.

If you have been following from the beginning you will know about the frying pan episode. Said frying pan has tried its best to escape the cupboard it lives in when traveling and today it managed! Probably to do with John’s quick thinking when evading the flying planks.

Mrs Google has been re employed.

Day 19

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