Snorkels and the camping table

I have just been asked by John if I’m joking about the amount of stuff I’m going to load on the hippy bus. I’m puzzled doesn’t everyone need snorkel and fins incase there is somewhere nice to swim, and if there is we need beach towels (can’t use the bath sheets, wouldn’t be right), and 2 chairs with the net bitty for my drink (since the fancy ones are too big to carry) a cool box and beach shoes and sun hat(s). Then there is 4 different factors of sun block, after sun and incase of prickly heat cooling gel the bargain I picked up at the chemist £1.50! And piriton need that incase the itch eeze doesn’t work. I can rationalise everything that is piled up at the door waiting to be loaded, don’t even try to argue with me!

John is now adding more cupboards up high to accommodate everything so I will have more room for clothes and shoes maybe even another hat!

A phone call today from number 2 son has ensured a detour to Edinburgh on Wednesday to drop off some of his filming gear. “Well you will be passing!”. That will be a few hours of our lives we won’t get back as we will inevitably get lost!

Trolled round the everywhere yesterday to buy a camping table with no joy. I suppose summer is officially over in Scotland not that it ever arrived! Maybe I’m too late with the Adventure before Dementia! I forgot about Argos!!! A few clicks and it’s ready to collect, well done Lorna who clearly doesn’t have dementia.

John said “of course there are no shops in Spain!” I hope that is sarcasm! 

3 days to go

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