Red tape and 17 seats

2 weeks ago I phoned the DVLA to enquire when we would get the log book back – it was sent away 3 weeks before with 36 photos of the before and after transformation of the 17 seater mini bus to the Hippy van (still unnamed but someone called it that the other day) so it can be reclassified to motor home, ” not been looked at yet but call back in a week”. So I gave them 2 weeks and called today and you will never guess! How did you know and yes you’re right no record of it ever having been received. What ever! So they are rushing out a new one for a 17 seater mini bus and when we return from holiday could we send more photos receipts etc. We can just see the French police looking for the 14 missing seats, I’m sure there will be updates on this in due course! 

You will be happy to know that John bought me a fancy seat like his, but has threatened to leave me behind if I’m not home by 9am on 30th – I’m on call #bad feeling! 

8 days to go 

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