Wild night without Karen Millen

We set off on Friday after our work for Aviemore to trial the still un named motor home before we hit Europe. Take note it may be rainy and not very warm, but it is still technically summer in Scotland and it was the last weekend before the kids go back to school. There was no room, anywhere! not one wee pitch to squeeze us into. Note to self BOOK AHEAD. 

Luckily I overheard a conversation between a psychiatrist and a junior doctor ( I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere ) and we headed towards the Cairngorms and loch Morlich and joined the wild campers! What is that I hear you say? Well let’s just say its no electric, no lights and no internet! 

Having gas we can make tea without the stolen electric kettle from The Manatee…………no gas kettle not even a pan to boil wate. I’m on holiday I don’t cook anything other than a breakfast so have no need for such common things as pans WRONG! Being creative I boiled the water in the  new, (hate to think what it would have tasted like if it wasn’t )frying pan and produced 2 cups of tea. I had downloaded some films from Netflix onto the iPad so all was not lost, except John had seen then all before, but he was not complaining he was just saying.

We woke up to a slight drizzle, not very warm morning and a glass flat calm loch, beautiful. There was some super fit show off swimming across the loch and back, must have froze his bits off.

We headed for Nairn Delnies Wood site and hot showers, gin and rum and relax.

We now have a list of still need to buy, need to change/add and not to forget! And I want a fancy seat too, but I was right he had nowhere to put his glass. 

I wonder if Karen Millen will make me a pair of wellies so I can keep some resemblance of class? 

14 days to go


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