Internet banking and road tax not so plain sailing

After much research we found that the caravan and motor home club insurance was a good deal. Pressed buy as the phone rang, it's the house phone so I ignored it as I don't want a new conservatory or find out if I'm entitled to money off nuclear powered heating or what ever. Unable to process! Try again! And again! Much rumblings from John who is not entirely convinced the internet is as good as I know it is and a few, I told you so's. The phone answer machine light was blinking so I'd listen and it's the bank fraud team!!! Could we call back as there is some suspicious usage of our account and they have suspended it. This took until the next day to unfreeze! It appears the caravan and motor home club is suspicious! And as you know no insurance no road tax, and where is the log book? It's in Swansea getting changed from a mini bus to a motor home. So that took another phone call to sort out. "You are number one million and two please hold for an operator". Actually that is an exaggeration it was five hundred and sixty thousand. So now it's all ready for a trial weekend away lovely except hang on we need the log book to take with us to France! Will it or won't it come back I time!?

19 days to go

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